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Dietitian - Nupur Agarwal

: Nupur Agarwal worked as a dietitian in Singapore. After a successful run, she decided to return to India to provide her expertise in nutrition and health as a freelance dietitian. To build her work profile, she needed a simple, single colour brand to be created for her name. A brand that would symbolise health and vitality. I decided to use two core elements - healthy food and tree of life. While healthy food was chosen for it's obvious benefits, the tree of life was chosen as it represents strength, protection, wisdom, and beauty among other qualities. These are relevant to the field of a dietitian/nutritionist/wellness & lifestyle coach.
I combined the elements and created a tree of life to create a logo. The entire brand was done in the healthy green colour of an apple. I also wanted to bring in the element of purity and hence used white was used as a secondary colour.