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: Panfan is creperie house specialising in pancakes and waffles. They serve breakfast, and lunches and cater for office lunches or parties/events. They asked me created a logo that would be purposeful for their business and create a brand image for them in the market.
The logo I created for this creperie company, was influenced by the shape of the food. Along with this, I used the idea of pancakes and waffles being a beloved breakfast food and incorporated the heart shape.
The typography speaks of a contemporary edge to old European cafes, with the colour brown signifying stability, structure and support. It also relates to quality in everything. With this I used yellow, which is the colour of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.
I put together all these elements in a minimal design, keeping it simple, yet reflecting the main products of Panfan.