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Paramount Maxplorers

: Paramount Maxplorers approached me for the complete logo, branding and print work. They were looking for a complete design overhaul whereby the company's logo, branding and print would look be in sync and of international standards despite being a start-up company. For Print works, they needed me design a travel magazine and also posters that would in sync with the promotions of the magazine.
I designed a magazine that reflected the travel destinations: vibrant, colorful and full of energy and life. As a photographer, I had many stock photos from my travels around in India, UAE and I shot more specifically for the magazine which the owner was delighted to use for the magazine. The owners purchased more photos that were needed from another photographer - Natasha Desai. They also also purchased many stock photos from a media house.
I also set about creating a concept for the cover of the magazine, which I conceptualised and photographed; a stylised cover for the magazine based on the Indian concept of welcoming guests – 'Namastey'.
The final product was a result of clean design to meet the internationals standards of travel magazines.