We all need to boost a little productivity.

When you originally envisaged yourself as a freelancer, you probably imagined a day filled with productive work in the comfort of your ideal home office.

In actuality…you get up with the goal of completing a long list of tasks, but at the end of the day, only a fraction of them have been completed. You wish you’d find a reset button so that you could start your day from all over with a different strategy.

If that sounds familiar to you, continue reading and I will take you through creating a daily to do list that helps me.


There are a variety of task management tools available for your laptop or smartphone, but I find that an old-fashioned pencil and paper works best for me.

Preparing Your To-Do List

  • Make a list of your to-dos for the day the night before or first thing in the morning.
  • Review the chores from the previous day and complete any that were left incomplete.
  • If necessary, sort your list by importance.
  • Complete as many jobs as can throughout the day, and any that aren’t completed will be added to the list for the next day.

The Difference Between A Good To-Do and A Bad To-Do List?

It is not enough to simply have a to-do list; it must be an effective one that assists you in staying organised. This is where the distinction between good and bad to-do lists becomes apparent.

Good To-Do List

The following elements make up an excellent to-do list:

  • Easy-to-complete assignments
  • Task descriptions in detail
  • Planning is essential.
  • Flexibility in the event of any delays
  • Making a distinction between goals and objectives

This makes it simple to complete things without feeling overburdened. Being overwhelmed can lead to procrastination, and the purpose of a to-do list is to make chores appear manageable rather than overwhelming.

It is not enough to simply have a to-do list; it must be an effective one that assists you in staying organised.

Using Goals to Achieve More

Add a long-term goal and/or a task for personal development to your to-do list. This will enable you to accomplish more, improve your own talents, and make progress on those greater life responsibilities – whatever they may be.

Final Word

If you’re still having trouble completing your daily activities on your to-do list, look into the reasons why. If anything, don’t be too hard on yourself for not completing your to-do list. Nobody is perfect, but we can all improve by learning from our errors. Creating an excellent task list requires some practise. Things will look much nicer and you will be more productive overall once you learn to fit all the parts together.