Panfan is creperie house specialising in pancakes and waffles. They serve breakfast and lunches and cater for office lunches or parties/events. They approached us to create a logo that would be purposeful for their business and create a brand image for them in the market.

The shape of the main food item (crepes) had an influence on the logo that was produced. In addition, I incorporated the heart shape into the idea of pancakes and waffles being a popular and much loved breakfast dish.
The typography gives a contemporary feel to classic European cafes, with brown representing stability, structure, and comfort. It also has to do with quality in general. The colour yellow, which is the colour of sunshine – for morning – was utilised to compliment it. It’s linked to joy, happiness, intelligence, and vitality. All of these components were combined in a minimalist style that was kept basic while still highlighting Panfan’s core goods.

ClientPanfanServicesLogo Design, Brand IdentityYear2014

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