Nupur Agarwal, an accomplished Health & Wellness Coach who specialises in the fields of Food & Nutrition, Yoga, and Reiki Healing and has been practising since 2005, founded Prakrutik. She is based in Singapore but has clients globally. She needed a brand that represented her global expertise while remaining relevant and uncomplicated. She was keen on elements such as strong roots and healthy tree.

I literally used the brief of having strong roots to make sketches of trees with thick roots to demonstrate the strength and wisdom. I began tinkering with the branches in order to make them resemble happy jumping silhouettes of humans. Between a split of the tree and the roots, the brand name and tagline were positioned, symbolising Prakrutik as the medium that brings wisdom and roots to you for health and wellness. The circle was included to bring the logo unit together and to symbolise unity, continuity, and protection.

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