Aero Comfort

The company Aerolam launched a new product Aero Comfort. It is a metal sheet layered with quality insulation to protect your indoor environment. It safeguards your space from volatile outdoor temperatures and ensures that it’s never too hot or too cold inside. It also has sound absorption that reduces noise pollution and brings in tranquility with physical comfort to your shelter. They wanted me to create a logo with the keywords Metal Sheet, Insulation, Safeguard, Comfort as the guide. They also wanted to retain the colours of the Aerolam company logo – which is green and blue.

I have created a simple yet effective way of showcasing the metal sheets in a simple 2D form with the words A and C. The shapes show the flexible ability of the metal sheets to used across all shapes indoors. The colours of Aerolam were retained.

ClientAerolam - Aero ComfortServicesLogo Design, Brand IdentityYear2020

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